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License Free Boat Rental in Santorini

Discover the Hidden Gems of Santorini with License Free Boat Rental

Uncover the Islands’ Beauty with a License Free Boat Rental

Swimming in Hot Springs

Discover the hidden gems of Santorini and its beautiful waters by renting a license free boat. Journey to the hot springs, swimming in the warm and crystal-clear waters to relax and rejuvenate. With a license free boat rental, you can explore jaw-dropping views of Santorini and its surrounding islands.

Drive the Biggest, and Widest Sea Crater in the World

Explore the depths of the Mediterranean sea with a license free boat rental. Drive your boat around the biggest, widest and deepest sea crater in the world and experience the wonders of Santorini. With a license free boat, you can uncover hidden gems of Santorini Island and explore secluded beaches.

Travel to Nearby Islands

Experience the beauty of Santorini and its surrounding islands with a license free boat rental. Navigate your way through the crystal clear waters, exploring nearby islands and discovering their hidden gems. With a license free boat rental, you can experience the beauty and wonders of Santorini and enjoy its breathtaking views.

An experience to remember for life, in Santorini!

From 50€
per person

Groups up to 5

Easy-to-use, license-free boats: 

The wide range of boats are designed for your convenience and allow anyone to drive them, regardless of experience or having a boating license. Choose from a variety of boats, from sleek and speedy to spacious and luxurious, and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Expert navigation support and insider tips

The company’s experienced team will provide you with a comprehensive orientation on boat operation, navigation, and safety before your rental begins. They will also share valuable information about hidden gems, secluded beaches, and must-see sights around Santorini island to help you plan your perfect day on the water

What's Included

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I rented a boat in Santorini and it was an amazing experience! I was able to swim in the hot springs, drive my boat in the biggest, widest and the deepest sea crater in the world, and explore hidden gems of Santorini island. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to explore secluded beaches, drive to nearby islands, and just have a great time!

Explore the wonders of Santorini with a License Free boat rental! Dive deep into the sea crater, discover hidden gems and explore secluded beaches – all without the hassle of getting a license! Come experience the beauty of Santorini today.